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Meet Dr. Brandon Stapleton


Dr. Brandon Stapleton grew up the son of a coal miner and dental assistant in Eastern Kentucky, he was the first in his family to seek doctorate level education and is proud of his roots and heritage coming from a rural, working-class family. Dr. Stapleton is a proud alum of Alice Lloyd College, a one-of-a-kind institution located in the heart of Appalachia.

Dr. Stapleton is one of the first specialists to graduate from the University of Louisville’s reinvigorated Prosthodontics Residency Program. The only program of its kind in the state of Kentucky, it is celebrated for producing some of the finest specialists in the United States. Board Eligible through the American Board of Prosthodontics, Dr. Stapleton has also earned his Doctorate in Dental Medicine, a certificate in General Practice Residency, a certificate in Prosthodontics and a Master of Science in Dentistry from the University of Louisville.

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Who We Are

We believe art plays a critical role in the field of dentistry. Our holistic approach works to transform not only your oral health, but the cornerstone of your iDENTity: a healthful, natural and radiant smile. We have thoughtfully designed our practice to treat the whole patient, not simply your problems. Our ultramodern laboratory and treatment studios provide the holistic care, comfort and satisfaction you need in order to regain your iDENTity. Because we want you to have the best experience possible, we are always here for you—our concierge approach to dentistry gives you quality care, when you need it. We work with you in an accepting environment and celebrate with you as we rebuild your iDENTity through your new smile.

What We Do

Our workflow processes are efficient and don’t sacrifice quality. We’re delighted to work intimately with you every step of the way to cultivate a trusting, long-term relationship. From treatment appointments based off your busy schedule to financing options that alleviate any burdens, we are in this together. In a field where options are endless, we are grateful to provide unparalleled service and exemplary dentistry. We look forward to meeting with you soon!

What Is A Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists are the recognized experts when it comes to replacement needs in your mouth which can range from a single tooth, a segment of teeth or all of your teeth. While many other dentists can perform some or all of these treatments, Prosthodontists are the specialists dedicated to replacement and rehabilitation of oral structures and function. The extra three years of formal specialist level training following dental school qualifies them as the experts in the field of restorative, replacement, rehabilitative and esthetic dentistry. A sort of quarterback of the dental treatment team, Prosthodontists often lead general dentists, specialists and other health professionals in developing the best solutions and most desirable outcomes for your dental needs.