Restorative Services

Every patient’s needs are different and, therefore, require different procedures. Usually, full mouth reconstruction requires multiple office visits and some amount of healing time. Dr. Stapleton will determine with you which procedure or combination of procedures are necessary to restore and rebuild your perfect smile.

Dental restorations make your mouth whole again. When a tooth cracks, breaks, or goes missing, dental restorations replace either the whole tooth or part of it, restoring your beautiful smile to its original or better condition and improving the function of your mouth when eating and speaking.

At iDENTity Dental Studio, we specialize in many restorative procedures. Here are a few our favorite, most common procedures:

  • Fixed Hybrid Dentures
  • Removable Complete Dentures
  • Removable Partial Dentures
  • Dental Bridges

Each of these procedures generally requires multiple office visits, but will leave your mouth fully restored. You’ll have a beautiful smile and functional teeth that allow you to eat and speak without worry.

Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Fixed Hybrid Dentures give you back your smile. They’re a combination dental implant and denture that provides patients missing all their teeth in either the upper or lower arch, or both, with a full set of replacement teeth. The esthetics of your mouth as well as its function are both improved, and you can eat, speak, and smile without feeling self-conscious.

The dentures are held in place with a set of screw-mounted implants that prevent your dentures from moving around. You won’t have to worry about taking them out or putting them back in, they function just like your own teeth.

Traditional Fixed Hybrid Dentures are made up of three components:

  • Pink Resin. Resin colored to match your gums is poured over a metal structure. The false teeth rest in this resin base, creating a natural appearance.
  • Metal Base. Customized to fit your mouth exactly, the metal base holds your false teeth together and rests comfortably over your existing gums.
  • Dental Implants. Implants are anchored in your mouth with screws, providing a solid foundation for your dentures and preventing bone loss over time.

Upgraded, all porcelain Fixed Hybrid Dentures are a more esthetic and functional option is available to all of our patients. We proudly manufacture most, if not all, of these prostheses right here in our on-site dental laboratory with our Certified Dental Technician. In the occasion that you require special services, we work with some of the best technicians available, all proudly made in the USA!

With Fixed Hybrid Dentures, you can go about your day without having to think about your teeth. Regain function in your mouth and eat the foods you want, when you want.

Removable Complete Dentures

Removable Complete Dentures are easy-to-use and comfortable. They’re used when fixed dentures, implants, and bridges are not an option. Like Fixed Hybrid Dentures, complete dentures replace all teeth in the upper or lower arch of your mouth. Removing them is easy and can be done without any assistance.

There are multiple stages to creating and receiving removable dentures:

  • Impressions. Dr. Stapleton will make several different impressions of your existing gums or teeth. We will work with our on-site technicians who will create the models of your mouth. There are times we can even utilize our digital technology to eliminate the goopy impression step.
  • Design. The model of your mouth is used as base to custom design your dentures. Dr. Stapleton works hand-in-hand with the technicians to make certain all your concerns, desires and needs are addressed. Depending on the type of Removable Complete Denture you’re getting, the designs are sometimes completed on our computer, making the process even more efficient.
  • Fittings. Throughout the process, Dr. Stapleton may require multiple fittings so that adjustments can be made to your dentures, enduring proper bite alignment and comfort. Every patient is different, and some patients require more time to adjust their teeth than others.

Once your dentures are complete, they can be removed at any time. It may take a while to adjust to wearing them, but eventually they’ll be second-nature.

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable Partial Dentures are an inexpensive way to restore your mouth. They’re a great option for patients who still have some of their own teeth and only need replacement for surrounding teeth. Just like with Removable Complete Dentures, multiple visits to Dr. Stapleton are required to get the right fit and feel for your mouth.

There are many similarities between Removable Partial and Complete Dentures:

  • Customized. Impressions are made of your existing and missing teeth, aiding Dr. Stapleton and our dental lab in creating a customized Removable Partial Denture that fits just right for you. We can sometimes do this with Karen, our digital scanner, to eliminate the goopy impression!
  • Easy Removal. Once finished, simply pull your partial up and out to remove it. It doesn’t hurt and can be removed and place back in multiple times throughout the day.
  • Resin and Metal. Pink resin is poured over a wire frame that fits securely in your mouth without injuring your teeth. The Partial stays in place without wiggling around. If you have any issues with the metal type Partial Denture, we can also do a fully acrylic flexible version if you desire.

If you’re missing teeth, a Removable Partial Dentures is an excellent option to consider. Well-made Removable Partial Dentures can last for several years even with daily use, so once made, you won’t have to think about it again for some time.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges fill in gaps. When you’re missing one or more teeth, it’s easy to feel self-conscious. Gaps disrupt your ability to feel good about yourself as well as your ability to eat and speak. A dental bridge uses your already existing teeth as anchors to create a “bridge” across the gap, filling it in and giving you back a beautiful smile.

Bridges have several components to them, but are generally easier and faster than both Removable Complete and Partial Dentures.

  • Anchoring Teeth. The teeth on either side of your gap are prepared for their use as anchors. They hold the bridge in place without the need for implants.
  • Impression. An impression of your teeth is made, often without the goopy impression material. Karen, our digital scanner, does an excellent job impressing teeth quickly without the mess. It’s also much faster than traditional methods! Dr. Stapleton makes sure iDENTity Dental Studio uses the latest and best technology available to improve your experience and outcomes.
  • False Teeth. Made of a ceramic or composite material that matches the color of your existing teeth for a seamless look. The false tooth is centered between your real ones to fill in the space.

Dental bridges fill gaps of one or more missing teeth using your existing teeth as an anchor. The fitting is quick and painless, and once in place, you can eat, speak and smile like you used to.

It’s time to take back your iDENTity!