Protecting yourself

iDENTity Dental Studio will always put the safety of you and our staff first, especially during a time like this.

We Know you have questions regarding the ongoing news reports and the continuous speed of the COVID-19 virus. As devoted health care workers, who have all been vaccinated, we want you to understand that we protect the health and safety of you and our staff the same way as always, with vigilance and responsibility. 

What We Ask From You

Wear Your Mask

When you come into the office, make sure you have a mask on. If you have forgot your mask at home when you arrive, call us at (859) 287-2484 and we will meet you at the door and provide you with one.

Stay at home if you feel ill 

Even if you do not have a fever, we ask you to stay at home if you feel ill or show any COVID-19 symptoms to keep our team and our patients safe. There is always time to reschedule with us!